Benefits of paraffin bath

Paraffin bath

The purpose and effect:

1) Increase blood flow in the mind and the rest of the local heating effects.

2) Rub the skin soft and supple and ready to receive.


1) Arthritis

2) Stuffy joints

3) Treatment of tendons

4) Eclipse

5) Tendinitis

6) After fracture

Forbidden Uses:

1) Open wounds.

2) Diabetic patients.

3) Patients aged and worn from lack of contact to the bottom of the pelvis

Paraffin quality:

1) Poor conductor of heat.

2) Melting properties.

3) Being reusable.

4) Low cost

The equipment:

1) Paraffin bath.

2) Paraffin: paraffin wax and mineral oil at a ratio of 1 to 5.

3) Thermometer.

4) Brush.

5) Thin plastic and other materials for covering