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Iran paraffin wax

slack wax petroleum jelly foots oil ready to export a petrochemical product of refineries so this is highly related to oil in refinery towers wax is near to bitumen and their difference is in the color bitumen is quite black but wax is dark to light brown.first product of refinery is slack wax which can be heavy or light according to it s carbon chain and chemical elements slack wax was as rubbish 50 years ago and refineries paid extra cost to send slack wax to the city suburb to send and vanish there but now it is a very famous and useful petrochemical product.

Iran paraffin wax slack wax petroleum jelly foots oil ready to export in Iran refinery process we see slack wax comes from base oil or Iso recycle the color can be yellow or dark brown . this material will be de color to make different grades of paraffin wax from 1% to 7% oil content  also will be additive  to produce petroleum jelly the remaining oily part of slack wax after extracting paraffin wax is residue wax or foots oil which is mainly use in matches factories.

Iran Slack wax is material of DE-oiling and DE-coloring in factories

the end product is paraffin wax depending the process we will have fully refined and semi refined Iran paraffin wax from 0.5% to 7% oil content.What remains of extracting oil from slack wax and producing paraffin wax is residue wax or foots oil even this product has a role in industries nowadays.Petroleum jelly and white oil main uses are in cosmetic and pharma producing line in factories so their process is more complected and more accurate since they should not have any harm for human being especially the pharmacy grade which wil1 be swallowed by sick people.

Iran Paraffin wax

We are exporter of different grades of Iran paraffin wax based on oil content and melting point , fully refined paraffin wax of which oil content is maximum 0.5% and melting point 60/62 C . semi refined paraffin wax of which oil content is from 1% to 10% and melting point 58/60 , 60/62 or 62/64 C , our paraffin wax colors differ from snow white transparent to cream depending its oil content and being heavy or light grade which is related to the melting point of the raw material used . fully refined paraffin wax is useful for cosmetic and food products and semi refined paraffin wax usages is candle making , painting, floor covering , textile , matches , piping , lubricants . penetration of paraffin wax is sometimes important some industries prefer hard paraffin wax which has less oil and more wax , some other need soft paraffin wax .

paraffin wax

Iran Slack wax

Iran slack wax has also some grades based on oil content 5% to 35% and melting point 50 to 55 C, its color differs from yellow to brown , slack wax light and heavy is used mainly for paraffin wax manufacturing , matches industry . slack wax packing is bag for lower oil grades 5 to 15% but for higher oil contents like light slack wax 30% oil the only packing is steel drum to avoid leakage . slack wax has only industrial use and can not be added to any cosmetic or food product before complete process. slack was is raw material of many products like paraffin wax , petroleum jelly , residue wax , candle .


Iran petroleum jelly

Iran petroleum jelly industrial , cosmetic and pharmacy grades which are quite different in color and odor, cosmetic and pharmacy have no odor and are quite white , industrial is somehow yellow and has odor .Cosmetic and Pharma factories use petroleum jelly for manufacturing lipstick, different kinds of creams, ointments, mascara etc petroleum jelly has large benefits for skin , hair , eye lashed and will cause them to be healthy , shiny and avoids damages of them .


Iran liquid paraffin

Iran liquid paraffin (white oil ) is quite different product comparing paraffin wax which is a solid white and hard product, white oil is liquid water like product , has different usage for cosmetic and Pharma creams or ointments and is quite processed for not being harmful for human ;and industrial grade is used for polishes and car or shoe wax. the only suitable packing for white oil is steel drum which should be quite new and clean .


Iran foots oil (residue wax)

foots oil (residue wax) is the remaining residue when process of manufacturing paraffin wax from slack wax is finished , the main usage is for matches industry since it s oil content is about 50% and has strong odor and color is quite brown .foots oil is packed just in steel drums which are used or second hand.


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