Liquid paraffin for skin care

paraffin is a product that’s commonly used for candles

which is not related to skin care. But deeply looking at liquid paraffin will reveal that this product is used in many skin products : creams, lotions, lip balm, soap, and even eczema ointments. But what does liquid paraffin do, and more importantly, is it safe to use on the skin?Liquid paraffin is a petroleum derivative that is also commonly defined as mineral oil. There are many types of chemicals that are classified under the mineral oil category.There are many applications for liquid paraffin, and this chemical is included in many skin care product formulations, and even in products taken orally.Liquid paraffin is often included in cream formulations because it is believed to help the skin moisture. Moisture retention is an important factor in skin health. The skin has a natural barrier that prevents moisture loss and helps keep the skin supple. Some individuals, however, experience a weakening of this barrier due to genetic factors, age of the skin, and damage from UV radiation and harsh weather.Liquid paraffin is sometimes formulated into skin care products to create a protective layer on the skin that helps retain hydration. Commonly, it creates a somewhat greasy, but smooth feeling on the skin, giving a sensation of moisture.