White oil application

Liquid paraffin

This product is standards-based BP / USP production and stability due to high purity are used in various industries.

pharmaceutical grade

Cosmetic grade

Industrial grade

Hair oil, cleansing cream, cold cream, anti-dust, oil, textile, coated eggs and fresh fruit.
This product is odorless, colorless and tasteless natural soluble and insoluble in water and alcohol solvents and therefore can be used in a range of industries.


In new  barrels with a net weight of 175 kg.

Chemistry at the primary level into three branches: Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Analysis is divided, substances that hydrogen molecules are composed only of carbon in organic chemistry.  the other is the organic material paraffin oil, our daily life with hundreds or perhaps thousands of organic molecules dealing our nails are made from organic materials, for storing the potassium we should make water and oxygen to potassium not, since reactivity with water and oxygen is very weak and paraffin oil, water and oxygen from them does not pass.

Here mentioned a few of the applications of paraffin oil

1. Production of candles

2. Water proof fabric and paper industries

3-Paraffin food

4. Casting Industries

5. Match making

6. Oil pencils, crayons, oil pastels

7. lubricating ball – with other ingredients such as olive oil and beeswax

8. Slippery wood components for the construction of ski and …

9. Cement industry

10.Ink, used as the basis for solid ink thermal printers.

11. Rubber, the rubber compounds to prevent cracking of used tires

12. Therapeutic bath waxes for cosmetic purposes

13. Moisturizer in cosmetic and cosmetic such as Vaseline

14. Prevent oxidation on the surface of steel and iron

15. Humidity and dust repellent and cover