Iran Paraffin wax

is a transparent white, cream or yellow solid petroleum product it means that it comes from oil in refinery finally it can be used for food , cosmetic , pharma purposes after being fully refined and odor comes out of it higher quality paraffin is hard with low penetration color is transparent like thick glass and it is quite white crystal like when you put it in sun light you can see small diamond shining in it so it can be purified more and be used confectionary papers , chocolate , tea carton box when the oil content comes over 1% every specification changes color will not be white but near to light yellow in 3% and quite yellow in 5% candle making is the most usage of these kinds of  lower oil content means higher amount of wax in it as a fuel in candle so the candle will burn more although other elements and conditions are also important like temperature of environment and also melting point of the wax it can be 58 60 62 64 66 centigrade at this degree the candle will become liquid and starts burning even wick has an important role in the burning type and time in candles newly paper wicks has been produced but traditionally wick has been cotton sting  other characteristics like viscosity is important when paraffin usage is Petroleum jelly manufacturing cause it will be used in creams and to be sticky for the skin the viscosity has a role in it and higher oil is not an issue for petroleum jelly making since it should not be so hard flash point of paraffin wax is around 200 centigrade so it is not considered as flammable and DG cargo although it will be burned easily when transforms to candle  , paraffin wax is a mixture of hydrocarbon molecules containing between twenty and forty carbon atoms. Paraffin wax is solid at room temperature and begins to melt above approximately 58C Flash point of paraffin wax is about 250C.Common applications of paraffin wax are candle making, cosmetics, food industry, lubrication, electrical insulation .it has different grades based on 2 main characteristics: oil content and melting point Light or heavy grades with different oil contents.

Fully refined paraffin wax

In our fully refined grade oil content is below 1% , it is not a fixed rule for paraffin wax fully refining depends on out come of odor of paraffin by hydrogenating it more oil content grades can be fully refined too but our factory only produce below 1% the importance of purifying it to be able to be used for human being and does not have any risk or danger for health since it is an oil product and naturally can not be used for food and body usages the color of this product is transparent snow white and it is quite hard to break.Fully refined paraffin wax is used in cosmetic or medical and also food industry. Like lipstick, cream, oily papers, chocolate FDA certificated is passed by this grade . mostly our fully is light grade since the light grade slack wax which is available has oil content around 10% and has the properties for extracting below 1% oil content from it also the color of slack wax is very light like yellow which is important too.

Semi refined  wax

light or heavy grade , the slabs of semi refined paraffin wax have 1.5% , 2% , 3% , 4% or 5% oil content lower oil means higher wax content and better quality which means higher price colors goes from white in lower oil to yellow in 5% oil content penetration also goes with oil content less oil causes higher penetration and vice versa.  melting point of semi refined paraffin wax heavy grade is minimum 62 C and maximum 64 C and in light grade , it is 58-60 C .high quality Candle manufacturers use semi refined paraffin wax, because of low oil content and snow white color the candle will be with best quality , paint industry, cosmetics (after processing), medical ointment , water proof coat for wood , polishing , PVC and some other industries uses.

packing of paraffin wax

 paraffin wax is produced in 5 kg slabs which can be packed in carton or gunny.

some times the slabs will be granulated for tire or textile or laboratory usage .

bags is mostly used for granulated paraffin . cartons can be palletized too which many cause less loading in a container .

summer weather may soft paraffin wax with more than 3% oil content so we put a plastic inside of the cartons to avoid leakage or misshape .

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