General description of petroleum jelly industrial grade

Petroleum jelly industrial grade is a semi-solid, translucent mixture of hydrocarbons, originally promoted as a topical ointment for petroleum jelly industrial grade s healing properties.Petroleum jelly industrial grade or yellow petroleum jelly meets the British and u.s. Pharmacopoeia for yellow petroleum the most important element of industrial petroleum jelly is yellow color of it which is not suitable for most of the cosmetic or pharma factories . they need white petroleum jelly . some oinments color is yellow by nature and may be suitable for industrila petroleum jelly .

Packing of petroleum jelly industrial grade

Petroleum jelly industrial grade is packed in new or second hand 180 kg drums , ISO tank , flexi tanks. Each 20 foot container takes 110 drummed petroleum jelly. for more loading capacity some times Iso tank or flexi tank is used . in flexi tank 20 MT net petroleum jelly can be loaded . in Iso tank 22 MT net petroleum jelly can be loaded .

Uses of petroleum jelly industrial grade

Petroleum jelly industrial grade is used to moisten plastic, coat corrosion-prone items, condition leather, finish wood, protect and prevent moisture loss, and as a release agent for plaster molds and castings , rubber, automotive and general industrial sectors . if color is not important , industrila petroleum jelly can be used for all of the oil need industries.

Analysis of petroleum jelly industrial grade

Kinematic viscosity at 100 ˚C 4.5-6 cst ASTM D-445
Congealing Point 54-58 ˚C ASTM D-938
Penetration Consistency 110-150 (0.1 mm) ASTM D-937
Color (Lovibond) Max 1.7 Y IP-17 Method A 33mm cell
Acidity or Alkalinity According to test method B.P 2007