PE wax

Iran PE wax (Polyethylene Wax)

Iran PE wax raw material is ethylene monomer chains with (C2H4)n chemical formula because ethylene gas is the main base of Iran PE wax.

(LDPE )low density molecular weight polyethylene polymer and (HDPE) high density molecular weight polyethylene polymer are famous grades of this product which because of molecular weight it will have different appearance such as viscosity, hardness, melt point, reactivity etc.
so PE Wax a byproduct of polyethylene producing.

different kinds of Polyethylene (PE wax )

 PE wax Main grades are based on :

1- Low density molecular weight polyethylene polymer (LDPE ) and high density molecular weight polyethylene polymer (HDPE)

2- Polymers can have side chains and branches spreading from one main chain . Side chains or branches comes out of the same units as the main polymer chains because The branches are of side reactions during polymerization.

The length of the side chains or branches is different : long- or short-branch polymers so Long branches are comb-like, random, or star-shape . However, they do not connect to another polymer chain.

3-Monomer / polymer Monomers with two or more end groups are likely to support branching. For a polymer to classify as branch polymer the side chains or branches must comprise of a minimum of one complete monomer unit.

Oxidized PE wax

Homopolymer PE wax polyethylene wax functionalizes by oxidation and adds acid and ester to the polyethylene wax and  Oxidized polyethylene wax is polar and has different compatibility properties that polyethylene homo polymer. This functionality results emulsification of oxidized polyethylene wax.

different between Pe wax and paraffin wax

Paraffin wax is produced as a by-product of oil refining. PE wax has a molecular weight which is usually less than half that of most PE waxes. So, paraffin wax usually has a lower melting point and is softer than PE wax.


Iran PE wax forms in flakes, granulated or powder which are in different sizes too.


PE wax in films, tubes, plastic parts, laminates, packaging, automotive, electrical, tire , master batch , creams , body lotions etc.


is usually 25 kg bags or jumbo bags .