iran petroleum jelly

Iran Petroleum Jelly

A paraffin-like material coating oil rigs Petroleum jelly is made by the waxy petroleum material that formed on oil rigs and distilling it. The lighter and thinner oil-based products make up petroleum jelly, also known as white petrolatum or simply as petrolatum. petroleum jelly is a mixture of slack wax , petrolatum and microcrystalline wax also iso recycle . the content of each component is very important also the process of de acidity and purifying . the color of the petroleum jelly is very important for most customers also the odur of the product .


Iran is a main producer of petroleum jelly in the middle east, a byproduct derived from crude oil after hydrogen catalyst and bleaching process and deodorisation.Petroleum jelly, also known as petrolatum, is a semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons, having a variety of applications across different industries. Here are some key points related to Iran petroleum jelly:

Production and Export

Iran is a major player in the global petroleum industry, and petroleum jelly is among the products derived from the country’s abundant crude oil resources’ country is likely to produce and export petroleum jelly as part of its petroleum by-products. factories which are producing this material are being more and more since the new usages like message , sun tan lotion use , skin protection use , baby use . actually petroleum jelly  is more and more useful these days .

when human beings have more fantasies’ in their life , this kind of products will be used more and more .

Applications of Iran petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly has a wide range of applications, including as a moisturizer in cosmetics and skincare products, as a lubricant, and in the pharmaceutical industry for various ointments and creams. is also used in industrial applications, such as in the production of rubber and as a coating for various materials. for message and sun tan lotion also it can be helpfull.

Quality Standards

To meet international standards and ensure the quality of exported petroleum jelly, Iranian manufacturers and exporters likely adhere to industry-specific quality control measures. odor , color , purification will be tested by factory labs and also inspection companies like SGS …

Market Presence

Iranian petroleum jelly may be present in the global market, serving both domestic needs and international demand. most quantity of Iran petroleum jelly are for export since the quality is good and the price in competitive comparing other world markets .

Trade Relations

Iran engages in trade relations with various countries, and its petroleum by-products, including petroleum jelly, may be exported to nations across the globe. Europe for cosmetic use and African countries for skin care against sun light in summer are most users of this product .

Regulatory Compliance

The Iranian petroleum jelly manufacturers and exporters are expected to comply with international regulations and standards related to the production and export of petroleum-based products. according to customers’ satisfaction standards of the product is used  in production line and procedure.

Market Dynamics

The availability and pricing of Iranian petroleum jelly may be influenced by global market dynamics, including fluctuations in crude oil prices and changes in demand. besides oil world price petrolatum and iso recycle prices are elements of petroleum jelly price.

Industry Contributions

Production and export of petroleum jelly contribute to Iran’s economy, supporting the petroleum industry and providing valuable products for various sectors.Petroleum jelly industrial , cosmetic and pharmacy grades which are quite different in color and odor, cosmetic and pharmacy have no odor and are quite white , industrial is somehow yellow and has odor .

Uses of petroleum jelly

Cosmetic and Pharma factories use petroleum jelly for manufacturing lipstick, different kinds of creams, ointments, mascara etc petroleum jelly has large benefits for skin , hair , eye lashed and will cause them to be healthy , shiny and avoids damages in them .petroleum jelly has been used in various ointments and as a lubricantMoisturises cracked and dry feet and hands , give your legs a natural sheen , Makes perfumes stay longer , Lip gloss , mascara shine , Remove eye makeup .

Packing of petroleum jelly

petroleum jelly is packed in New 190 KG drums , ISO tank , flexi tank. each 20 foot container takes 80 drummed petroleum jelly.

even for industrial grade we use new drum , plastic or Iron material .

for better transportation  and safe packing , we palletize and shrink 4 drums on each pallet .

in 40′ container we load 148 drums loose or palletized , 26 ton net can be loaded in 40′ container which is more competitive .

Analysis and data sheet of Iran petroleum jelly

Kinematic Viscosity at 100 ˚C:

Result: 6.2 cst

Accepted Limit: 6-8 cst

Method: ASTM D-445

Congealing Point:

Result: 57.5 ˚C

Accepted Limit: 54-58 ˚C

Method: ASTM D-938

Penetration Consistency:

Result: 147 (0.1 mm)

Accepted Limit: 140-160 (0.1 mm)

Method: ASTM D-937

Color (Lovibond):

Result: 0.7 Y (Yellow) Max

Accepted Limit: 0.7 Y

Method: IP-17 Method A 2 cell

Acidity or Alkalinity:

Result: Passed

Method: According to test method B.P 2007


Result: Passed

Observation: Odourless when rubbed on hand