General description of liquid paraffin industrial grade

Liquid paraffin  industrial grade is a mineral oil which comes in the form of white oil or alster oil, and is a byproduct of petroleum distillation.  industrial grade paraffin oil is transparent, colorless, odorless and tasteless oil. it is used only for industrial purposes not directly related to human being .

Packing of liquid paraffin  industrial grade

Liquid paraffin  industrial grade is packed in new or second hand 180 kg drums, Iso tank, and flexi tanks. Each 20 foot container takes 110 drummed  industrial grades. Iso tank and flexi tanks are easily loaded and disloaded and more amount of the product will be loaded in but some times there is lack of them specially Iso tank for sending the cargoes.

Uses of liquid paraffin industrial grade

liquid paraffin industrial grade has found applications in the production of paints, dyes, pigments, wax, polythene, insecticides, etc. liquid paraffin industrial grade is also widely used as a solvent and lubricant in the industrial sector.

Analysis of liquid paraffin industrial grade

Items Result Test method
Kin viscosity at 40 C 19-21 Cst ASTM D-445
Pour Point (Max) 0-(-6) C ASTM D-97
Flash point 197-215 C ASTM D-92
Density at 20 C 0.827-0.890 gr/cm3 B.P 2012
Color (Lovibond) 0.2Y+0.2B IP-17 Method A 2” cell
Odour Passed B.P 2012
Acidity or Alkalinity Passed B.P 2012
Solid Paraffin Passed B.P 2012