White oil defenition

White Oil contents is basically paraffin and Oil

White Oil has different flash points : 100, 120, 140 and 180 , white oil ( liquid paraffin)  is produced for use in textile, spinning, industrial lubrication equipment, health products, produce clouds (polystyrene) according to its grades .
White oils (liquid paraffin): This type of White Oil into three categories: industry, pharma and cosmetic grades , and mainly exported to Asian countries from Iran.
Industry grade: white Oil for the producing of this type of white candles, all kinds of covers, waxes, industrial and protective waxes used for wood and furniture.
Cosmetic grade: major consumption of this type of White Oil, for the manufacture of cosmetic products such as hand and face lotion, wipes and other cosmetic products.
Pharma grade : This type of white oil is used in the pharmaceutical and animal feed applications.