Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE)

LLDPE stands for Linear Low-Density Polyethylene a substantially linear polymer (polyethylene), producing of it is initiated by transition metal catalysts, particularly Ziegler or Philips type of catalyst. With numbers of short branches, commonly made by copolymerization of ethylene .

 It is a type of polyethylene, a thermoplastic polymer, which has widely use in various applications due to its unique properties. LLDPE has a lower density and higher flexibility compared to other types of polyethylene, such as HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene).
LLDPE is commonly used in packaging films, such as plastic bags and stretch wraps, due to its excellent stretchability and toughness. It is also used in the manufacturing of pipes, cable insulation, and various rotational molded products. LLDPE’s properties make it suitable for applications that require flexibility, impact resistance, and good sealing characteristics.

Polymerization process for LLDPE

can be done either in solution phase or in gas phase reactors. Linear low-density polyethylene differs structurally from this product because of the absence of long chain branching. The linearity of LLDPE results by the different manufacturing processes of LLDPE and LDPE. In general, it is produced in lower temperature and pressures by copolymerization of ethylene and such higher alpha-olefins as butane, hexane, or octane. It has higher tensile strength and higher impact resistance than LDPE. The copolymerization process produces an this polymer that has a narrower molecular weight distribution than conventional LDPE and in combination with the linear structure, significantly different rheological properties
It is very flexible and elongates under stress. It can be used to make thinner films.It has good resistance to chemicals. It has good electrical properties. However, it is not as easy to process as LDPE, has lower gloss, and narrower range for heat sealing is .

Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) specification



MFI gr/10min

DENSITY gr/cm3

LL0205 AA

Heavy duty sacks, Mulch films.

Strech film, liners, Geonmembrane



LL0209 AA

Food Grade. Heavy duty sacks, Agricultural films, liners. Produce bags, Strech film



*LL0209 KJ or SR

Food grade. Refuse Sacks. Produce bags, Carrier bags



LL0220 AA

Food Grade. Light and medium duty film. Strech film



*LL0220 KJ

Food Grade. Light and medium duty film.



HD 5218 EA

Housewares. Thin walled food containers. PET bottle base cup



HD 5226 EA

Housewares. Thin walled food containers. PET bottle base cup.



HD 6070 EA

Crates. Boxes. Seats. Pallets



HD 6070 UA

Crates. Boxes. Seats. Pallets



*Product with additive