How to treat patient with paraffin bath

Process of paraffin bath for patient

1 ) To wash the dirt and fat to be removed.
2 ) The patient how flexible hands and feet paraffin gloves to avoid breaking show .
3 ) The patient to properly dry to stay warm .
4 ) Provide comfortable conditions for the patient .
5 ) Paraffin temperature should be between 52-54 degrees.
6 ) Immerse yourself organs 12.6 minutes ( or with a paint brush member ) to let the stiff paraffin ( white will be ), then immerse it again .
7 ) After last soaking wrapped in plastic and cover it with a towel to retain heat .
8 ) If you want to treat both hands to complete the baseline and then the next one to start .
9 ) Paraffin gloves and removed from the patient on the ball to exercise your finger and hand pressure and massage .
10 ) At the end of your candles in containers and as you 've described it in plastic wrap and towel .
11) An alternative method is to brush the hot paraffin 6 to 10 times rub on the skin, and then cover it with plastic and towel.