Foots Oil Features

Foots oil is a by product of the manufacturing process of paraffin wax

oil content of residue wax is (35+/-5% ) and has line fatty acids and free fatty acids foots oil is a rich source of base oil

Foots oil early used in the candles, polish, matches the ink and paper used carbon

Widely used in rubber, textile, leather, rubber, plastics, lubricants

Plastic processing, polishing, chipboard industry and the general wood working industries.

Foots oil early as Paraffin is a byproduct of the manufacturing process . There are plenty of oils and fatty acids in the product lives up to the base and free fatty acids are a rich source of oil. Foots Oil (residue wax) produced during the extraction of oil from the slack wax or is derived from the producing process of semi-refined paraffin wax .


low melting point

foots oil is full of oil , so the melting point is low , it is about 45 to 50 C in normal temprature , because of this feature packing should be quite good and tight to avoid leakage of oil

Persistence in water

oil amount of the residue wax does not let to be solved in water or other liquid products

Low viscosity

viscosity also related to the oil which is like lubricants

Color: Brown yellow