Pharma white oil in general

Pharma white oil must have high standards of purity, technical excellence, and quality

Controlling quality at every step of the manufacturing process is made by us. Purity is preserved by dedicated pipes and tanks, careful loading procedures and stringent handling and shipping of the product to guarantee quality are so important .Our medical white oils are manufactured and tested to rigorous standards to enable compliance with the main food and pharmaceutical regulations. Our white oil offers a leading technology for adjuvants in the manufacture of animal vaccines, with its physical and chemical properties offering optimal efficacy for veterinary applications.White Oil or Mineral Oil makes an ideal blending base for cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Their inert nature makes them easy to work with, as they lubricate, smoothen, soften, extend, and resist moisture in many formulations.White oils are used as base materials and as adjuvants with consistency-optimising and care-giving properties in cosmetics.White Oil is Lipophilic, rendering a soft and smooth skin sensation with a strong occlusive effect.White oils also reduce loss of moisture by skin.
They also act as solubilisers.