Liquid paraffin slim gel


Liquid paraffin: 1 liter

Paraffin Wax: 200 gr

Coffee: 25 gr

Method of preparation:

Mix coffee and 1 glass of hot water and wait for 5 minutes , add liquid paraffin and put on non-direct warmer then add mix of coffee to the liquid paraffin then warm it again till all water be disappear and oil remains , pour it in a dish and keep it in cool and dry place.

How to use:

Put sufficient amount of the mix to the special part of the body which has extra fat, massage it then put plastic or belt on it and fasten it, wait for some hours and wash with warm water and soap.

Note that after massage of gel, skin starts to sweat, do exercise as much as you can, it will cause to lose weight in a shorter time.

This mix of liquid paraffin is good for skin and can cause the skin to be darker for the people who want darker skin without using solar and other dangerous systems.

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