Curing fruit tree diseases using Pharma Petroleum jelly

Petroleum Jelly treatment for trees


There is a method for preventing and curing fruit tree diseases by using Vaseline medicine, which is characterized in that: common pesticide, bactericide are mixed with Vaseline evenly, preferably the petroleum jelly or  Vaseline can be stuck, and then the mixture is coated on scabs and wound positions of trunks and surface layer of braches by a coating and pouring tool. The invention is mainly used for preventing the wound of pruning and grafting from being intruded by diseases and curing the wound, coating and curing diseased spots, and controlling diseases the invention has the effects of sticking and contact poison on the trees, and can block the trees (or disease germs) from migrating to the treecrown form the ground to harm the trees; and the invention can intensively prevent and cure pests sensitive to gyplure. The invention has the advantages that Vaseline is strong in adhesive force, durable for rain water washing, windy and sunny weather, long in adhesive time, and can maintain long-time release of the pesticide. The operation of evenly mixing  petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) and pesticide is simple and convenient, so that laborinvestment is reduced.