Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate

Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate

can be used at concentrations of 10% to 22% by weight in industrial and metalworking applications.

Metalworking Fluids

Sodium petroleum sulfonates has a long history of use in metalworking fluids. It function as emulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors.In liquid system, it can hold oil and water apart so that they can  form an emulsion.


sodium sulfonates adhere to metal surfaces and provide excellent moisture barriers. It can be compounded with petroleum oils, waxes, petrolatums and various synthetic materials. Final use is preservative oils and automotive rust proofing formulations. it is also compatible with a range of solvents when thin films are desirable.

On solid surface, sulfonates functions like adhesive, holding oil to metal. By chemically bonding oil to metal, prevent water and air from reaching the surface of the metal.


Overbasing is a process of beefing up a solfonate molecule with extra atoms like calcium and magnesium so that it will neutralize excess acids in a mixture. This process is typically used in motor oil additives.