Waxing skin

Is wax a common method for removing face and body hairs?

Wax is now days used commonly for removing hairs from women face and body.

Some beauty salons earn much money by using this word but it should be mentioned that wax is quite a cheap material and does not have extra charge for the beauty salons.

But we should note this point that wax used in beauty salons should be harmless for skin of human being.

Are there any risks for waxing face and body?

There are other methods for removing unwanted hair, for example, bleaching of hair, more hair goes into a colorless, laser hair that can be twisted roots and leaves them weak, but Waxing a common tactic to destroy and the removal of unwanted hair of women more although some men also use wax !

To put wax on skin may not be pleasant for some people but it does not cause allergy in most of the times ,waxing even can be used for teenagers and so young ladies

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