wax as an electrical insulator

Is it safe to use paraffin wax as an electrical insulator?

paraffin is a good insulator, but it also is good at burning….  so there is doubt about that
I have a makeshift little battery-powered electrical project and I want to seal up some wires to prevent crossing and just make it a bit more efficient.
we have just seen paraffin in the form of candle wax.
Wax paper type capacitor was widely used at the time before 1965 device. It could stand up to 400V DC with a thin layer of wax as its insulator. Bee wax was also used on IF transformer and receiver RF tuning coil to fix coil spacing. Some old day audio transformer  also use bee wax as its isolator.
Just make sure no heat builds up parts like lamp and resistors existed in the circuit where the wax is going to be used.