Residue wax (Foots oil)

Foots oil (residue wax)

is the remaining residue when process of manufacturing paraffin wax from slack wax is finished , the main usage is for matches industry since its oil content is about 50% and has strong odor and color is quite brown .Residue wax (foots oil) is final remained product of slack wax after pressing and de-coloring . residue wax(foots oil) is mix of oil and slack wax.Residue Wax, formally known as Foots oil is a commodity derived from the production of semi refined paraffin wax, having almost 60% result from 100% of slacks provided by the oil refineries .

Uses of residue wax (foots oil)

Brown color, high oiled wax named residue wax (foots oil) used for matches making, lubricants, explosive, fire work.Foots Oil can be used as hydrophobia impregnation material, fuel brick component, raw material for production of grease lubricants, conservation oils , lubricants ,tire, rubber and shoe soil industries.Residue wax (foots oil) is also used for Rubber Industries-Tire Industry-Shoe Industry-Plastic Industries-Polish-Match Box-Grease...

Packing of residue wax (foots oil)

Residue wax (foots oil) packing is in steel drums new or used to avoid any leakage during transportation . new drum cost is so high that is not economic to be used for pakcing of foots oil which is residue of paraffin wax producing and is considered as cheapest product of the wax producing process . Used drums is washed to be clean enought to be filled with an oily product . Iso tank and flexi tank are not used for foots oil because it is oily enough to be unloaded without heating it and again it is not economic to use these luxury packings for residue wax .

Residue wax analysis





Solid / Slab



White to yellow

ASTM D-6045

Oil Content

0.5 - 10%

ASTM D-721

Melting Point



Flash Point

Minimum 250 ˚C


Viscosity @ 100 ˚C


ASTM D-445

Congealing  Point


ASTM D-938

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