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Iranian truck drivers strike

Truck drivers in Iran have started a  strike demanding improved working conditions, and the industrial action , The Middle East Monitor reports , quoting the Anadolu Agency and local media. The strike is the second that truck drivers in Iran have staged this year, after a prolonged strike action  in May in which they protested

2018/09/30 147

Summer is hot time of using Vaseline (petroleum Jelly) in African countries

Summer is hot time of using Vaseline (petroleum Jelly) in African countries During the summer time, because of dry and hot weather most of the African people use petroleum jelly on the skin It also avoid sun light bad effect And prevent to be hurt by the insects Cosmetic grade of petroleum jelly can be used for the skin of the face and

2018/07/24 304

Fire in paraffin wax melting machine

Friday, 30 June 2017  fire happened in the factory , real reason is not cleared yet. No paraffin wax was in the machine at the time, and no hazardous materials were involved or released in the blaze. Firefighters had to extinguish a blaze involving an industrial paraffin wax melting machine on June 27. A Fire and Rescue spokesman

2017/07/02 530

Liquid paraffin market forecast 2021

Liquid paraffin is a petroleum derivative that is also commonly referred to as mineral oil Global research on liquid paraffin market shows size, market share, application analysis, regional outlook, growth, trends, competitive scenario and forecasts 2021 Liquid paraffin is a term reserved for highly-refined mineral oil that is appropriate

2017/05/31 585

Global Petroleum Paraffin Consumption 2016 Market Research Report

Paraffin Consumption 2016 Market Research it is a report that offers and in depth study of the Global Petroleum Paraffin industry. basics of the industry are explained in this report along with Consumption Volume and Consumption Value Analysis. The report further presents the analysis for manufacturing process by costs (labor cost, material

2017/05/24 718

Iran’s elections could disrupt oil markets

Iran president election and oil market Iran election is affecting not just Iran, but also its relationship with the west, and ultimately, crude oil prices. Iran May 19 presidential election could reverberate around the world, Incumbent president Hassan Rouhani won in 2013 on a platform of moderation and promoting dialogue with the west.

2017/05/21 446

paraffin forecast in a decade

Paraffin Wax Market Analysis By Application (Candles, Packaging, Cosmetics, Hotmelts, Board Sizing, Rubber), in Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Central & South America, Middle East & Africa), By Country, Forecasts, 2014 – 2025 Candles were the leading application segment and accounted for 42% of the market revenue in

2017/05/13 460

Paraffin wax Global Market in 2017 Import, Export Growth rate 2021

Worldwide Paraffin Compounds Market 2017 built with the usage of efficient methodical tools, the Paraffin Compounds industrial 2017 study offers a comprehensive evaluation worldwide in Paraffin Compounds market.Global Paraffin Compounds Market 2017 report has Fore casted paraffin Annual Growth Rate in % value for particular period that will

2017/01/15 653

paraffin wax price in 2017

oil products price in 2017 The price of 93 octane petrol is set to rise by 50 cents a liter and 95 octanes by 48 cents a liter on Wednesday 4 January, the energy department announced on Thursday.The wholesale price of diesel will go up by 39 cents a liter, while the wholesale cost of illuminating paraffin is set to increase by 43 cents a

2016/12/31 979

Paraffin Safety Association of South Africa

PASASA is a non-profit organization  is dedicated to ensuring the safe use of paraffin in the domestic. Paraffin Safety Association of South Africa was founded in 1996 by the petroleum industry of South Africa for avoiding paraffin incidents and poisoning amongst children at that time. PASASA is headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa and

2016/12/14 580

Soy wax candles 100% Natural & Eco Friendly

Soy wax candles The best candles are made from 100% natural soy wax without any petroleum derived additives. These additives are not necessary and yet many candle companies blend soy wax into a paraffin wax candle.This is for the benefit of being able to claim &sharp39;natural&sharp39; or &sharp39;soy candle&sharp39; but also to keep the price of the candle

2016/11/27 397

Iran - Inida paraffin relation

Iran paraffin in India market India is the world&sharp39;s largest networks, road and rail, the technical services market in the country is well on the way Indian can work with companies and technical and engineering services we have very good potential for is the presence in the Indian market. Marine transport infrastructures relations between

2016/09/13 468
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