The recent activities accomplished by paraffin products

The commission of paraffin products regularly studies the international markets and closely studies and follows up price

fluctuation in the target markets such as Indian , Chinese and African markets and considering the most applications of paraffin in producing of candle, the commission considers quality of product and by taking into consideration the possibility of changing in prices in international markets, this commission take action for pricing types of paraffin and foots oil .

Holding expert group for determining procedure for pricing lobe cut

Considering that lobe cut is used as primary material in paraffin producing industries , thus in order to specify a procedure for determining lobe cut price on the basis of materials produced out of it and determining its coefficient dependence to manufactured products , the paraffin products commission has set up  a group work composed of several persons among experienced members , in order to survey through accomplishing expert work in this field hoping that the results will be declared in the near future .

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